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*New locations become available regularly, however the downloads on this page will not automatically sync with your device. Please re-download the locations to your device regularly to ensure you have the most current list of accessible locations.

GPS Data

To download the complete list of Credit Union Service Centers to your navigation device, please select the type of device and click the download button. The download process should take less than one minute. These files are hosted by POI Plaza. If you are having trouble updating your device with the gps data, please refer to their website for additional assistance by clicking on the red link above.

Service Center Data

You can also download additional service center information such as addresses and service hours. Each type of download is listed here along with the information it contains.

  • CSV ~1.1 MB
    (address, phone number, service hours, restrictions, geo data)
  • XML ~5.7 MB
    (address, phone number, service hours, restrictions, geo data)
  • PDF ~0.5 MB
    (address, phone number)

*Clicking any of these opens the file in a new window or tab. If you would like to save these files to your hard drive, right click and select "Save link as..."